WCPOA Scholarship

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The WCPOA generally has several scholarships available yearly depending on the continued participation of existing winners. Applications and renewals are taken during the summer for the fall term each year. Information is posted to the membership when applications open up. The WCPOA Scholarship is for $1600 a year for four years.


Applicants must be a legal dependent of a current or retired WCPOA Member.

Applicants must attend full-time at an accredited college or university in the fall of 2024.

Applicants must currently have and maintain a cumulative 3.0 GPA or higher. (Current GPA may be from last semester of High School)

Applications must be received by June 30th for new applicants. Include a copy of your current transcripts with the application.

If you receive the WCPOA Scholarship you must send a copy of your transcripts by August 1st of every year to continue your scholarship. It is the Scholarship Student’s responsibility to maintain contact with the WCPOA every year to retain the Scholarship. 

For New Applicants:

WCPOA Scholarship Committee Helpful Hints When submitting your application to the committee, please be sure to provide your official transcripts along with your application (Minimum Requirement). It is helpful to provide letters of reference and include a list of all extracurricular activities. If you compete in athletics, participate in clubs, volunteer, have a hobby, etc. This is information that the committee wants to know about you. Help the committee help you! Five to seven WCPOA members are going to invest a substantial amount of our association's resources for two dependents to receive this scholarship. The committee wants a return on their investment. Give the committee something that sets you apart. A great GPA isn’t enough, sell yourself and you will get a much better result.

Renewing Applicants:

Renewing your application is easy. Please send in the application and your official transcripts by August 1. If you have met the 3.0 cumulative GPA requirement, your renewal is automatic. If your application is late, the GPA requirement was not met or the official transcripts are not provided, your application will be forwarded to the committee for consideration. This will usually result in the termination of your award. Very few scholarships are self-renewing for four years. Take the time to get me the proper transcripts (No print-offs from the university’s website) and get your application to me well before the August, 1 deadline. This will ensure an automatic renewal